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Dorianka-The perfect vacation home

If you like the idea of “cozy” and “Carpathian,” our Dorianka guesthouse, nestled in the village of Dora (Yaremche), is the perfect vacation home, winter, summer and in-between. Called “Dorianka” after the village, this converted barn+summer kitchen was hand built and designed by Hutsul craftsmen: pine and larch panelling, stone walls, handmade wrought-iron railings, natural oak stairs, a sandwich bar of beautiful natural branches, and more. Sleep on comfy mattresses under natural wool blankets called “lizhnyky” made in the Verkhovyna region. In warm weather, you can take your meals on a stone and wood terrace that overlooks plants in the greenhouse and the leafy countryside outside.

Ideal for a family with 1-3 children or for one or two couples, Dorianka comes fully equipped with WC, shower, kitchen, hot and cold running water, a two-burner gas stove with oven, a small fridge with icebox, and all the ameneties for independent holidaying. A small spare room can be used for extra guests, for dining purposes, or as a studio.

The half-acre property with mature orchard and creek includes the main house with three additional guest rooms for a larger group, a swing and hammock, a large mangal or grill, and an altanka or gazebo for summer dining or simply to play cards or board games, chat or read in the fresh mountain air. The vegetable patch includes strawberries, raspberries and black currants for summer picking. In winter, smaller children can sled or saucer right in the back yard.

Located five kilometers from the center of Yaremche, Dorianka is in the wide, sunny valley known as Dora, a village that predates Yaremche by more than 150 years and was a famous resort in the inter-war years, boasting many elegant villas to which a host of artists and writers flocked from all over Western Ukraine and Poland.

Only 25 kilometers from Ukraine’s top ski resort, Bukovel, Dora today is a perfect place for family vacations year-round. Enjoy horseback riding or quadrocycling; barbecue picnics in the mountains by jeep, as well as berry-picking and mushroom-hunting trips; swimming in the Prut River; hiking the Dovbush trail; walking or hiking to Hoverla, Ukraine’s tallest mountain (2,060 m); or taking the day-train through the Carpathians from Yaremche to Rakhiv for some breathtaking views. In summer, savor the sweet smell of fresh hay and the sparkle of mountain waters; in winter, all the pleasures of fresh white snow beckon.

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